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Welcome to arcturian coworking center in Prague 8.
We offer range of tables and places (at certain times even free) in the common area for working or meeting in and old-school school and bulding in Prague 8, located at a spacious garden. Calm and clean natural area resembling natural reserves inside a city center, for inspiration in the heart of Prague for it and non it people, art makers, hand workers, original thinkers, idealists and practical idea developers who find here place to develop current common or individual project.

8-9 minutes walking from Ládvi or Palmovka, see the map, menu, and locations gallery for photographs movie makers and affiliated.

We welcome foreign visitors too, those who wish to find a place for days, years, months or just hours inspired for good work and more contacts during their stay in Prague, CZ.

Parking is also possible in the area,  also enabling workshops for weekend places or more rental rooms, or studios for craftsmen or rental workshop areas, contactus for more info

Great place  for IT coders, designers, project developers, analysts, teachers, professionals of all kind.


pricelist price in czk fixed place Internet 100 mb, optic printA4 black and white print A4 color workshop space free entrance for most of the coworking workshops Locker Contact list. web presentation of coworking site
all incl * 3500 to 4200 based  on place-table yes yes 2 czk 5 czk 1x monthly for free yes yes yes
50 hrs 1 500 yes yes 3 czk 7 czk yes yes yes
25 hrs 900 no yes 3  czk 10 czk yes no

We offer special rates for beneficial projects and volunteers.

Grants project welcomed.

All enabled for viewing or send a message, looking forward to help and give space for your good ideas aand new inspiration in here.

(„písečné čarodějnice“)