Hi, for any kind of in need quetsion please DO contact us on the emails or phone numbers or as per any electronical communication channels as in our alternative systems we are able to provide or retransfer all kind of material and non/material information and goods for good or neutral. Feel free to join or cowork with us.

upozorňujeme, že nejsmeplátcidph, tedy osvobozeni oddaně.

Thank you,  88STandard Smes.

GPS loc in you android phone tbd at all times.

submitted by orgs – service team.


Pricelist: as usual, also subsidiaries or 0 count provided for those in need or grant system. Please share and spread the word in cz and worldwide.

p.s. wanna help or join anonymously? Just by any use of any of the  cybercurrencies. All alternate free o pasive energy self running bases are always welcome as this is pnly a part of a way bigger decentralized net-work.